Netflix Preps to Add 700 Miramax Movies to Streaming Service

The Wall Street Journals is reporting that Miramax and Netflix are nearing a five-year deal to add 700 films to the movie-rental company's streaming service. That means more movies to watch on your laptop, console, phone, pad and soon, your 3DS. Netflix, Miramax Near Streaming Deal [WSJ] » 3/28/11 11:35am 3/28/11 11:35am

Movie Company Goes Sequel Crazy, Thinks It's A Game Studio

The most innovative movie studio of the 1990s is a shell of its former shelf. With only its brand name propping itself up, Miramax Films is readying a slew of sequels. What is this, the game industry? » 12/17/10 2:00am 12/17/10 2:00am