New Games Should Totally Steal From Shadow Of Mordor

Originality in video games is overrated. I see no better proof of that today than Shadow of Mordor. The game shamelessly borrows its combat from the Batman: Arkham series, to give one example. But it also introduced the "nemesis system," which is one of the most provocative and original ideas I've seen in a long time. »10/14/14 5:30pm10/14/14 5:30pm

Thomas Was Alone Dev: Indie Means ‘I Get to Do Exactly What I Want’

Mike Bithell’s had a crazy year. He went from being one of a few dozen developers at U.K.-based Bossa Studios to becoming a solo indie creator supporting a game on multiple platformers. What prompted the drastic lifestyle change? The steady climb of acclaim around his minimalist platformer Thomas Was Alone. »4/26/13 5:00pm4/26/13 5:00pm

Proof That God Exists: My Favorite Indie Game of 2012 Is Coming to Vita & PS3

I loved Thomas Was Alone, the minimalist platformer released last year by Mike Bithell. The hilarious narration, memorable characters and awesome music defied my expectations I had after first hearing about the game and I was glad to see Thomas find a home on Steam. I'm never going to stop wanting for more people to… »2/27/13 11:15am2/27/13 11:15am