Might and Magic Heroes VI Gets an Announcement Trailer for Its Announcement Trailer.

I confess, I find the practice of teasing a future tease frustrating, and I'm not quite sure why the video game hype machine is so fond of this. It befuddles me. The actual "trailer" in question however, is not befuddling, but quite rousing, in an inspiring, high fantasy manner. But again. Using a tease to tease… »8/10/11 4:20pm8/10/11 4:20pm

Trion Also At Work On First-Party Van Caneghem MMO, PS3 Titles

Earlier this morning, we reported Trion World Network is teaming up with the Sci-Fi channel to create an MMO based on an upcoming show, a cool idea as the show's direction is intended to evolve depending on what players do in the game. That co-development agreement is not the only thing Trion has in the works, however. »6/02/08 7:20pm6/02/08 7:20pm