Fans Angry Might & Magic Heroes VI Has Been Unplayable for 24 Hours

Over the last day or so, complaints have cropped up from players who’ve been trying to play the latest installment of the long-lived Might & Magic series. Users have turned to the game’s official Ubisoft message boards and Steam forums to vent, citing missing music, corrupt installation files and game freezes that… » 5/03/13 4:30pm 5/03/13 4:30pm

Behold the Power of Blood in Might & Magic Heroes VI

Might & Magic Heroes VI's unique faction system asks players to spend points in either Tears of Blood, unlocking special powers and abilities for their dedication. Here's a glimpse at the awesome power awaiting the devotees of Blood. » 9/28/11 2:40pm 9/28/11 2:40pm

Ubisoft Breaks Their Own Record for Playable Games at PAX

Ubisoft is coming to PAX this week with nearly a dozen games and a slew of freebies. They say it will be their biggest line up for the annual show to date. » 8/23/11 4:00pm 8/23/11 4:00pm

They're Already Up To Might & Magic Heroes VI, and This is What it's…

The series formerly known as Heroes of Might & Magic returns, with a confusingly rearranged name, to a post-King's Bounty landscape. Without access to publishers' long and tedious spreadsheets, I of course couldn't begin to guess whether 1C's good-natured, wilfully silly turn-based strategy/semi-roleplaying game… » 8/09/11 4:00pm 8/09/11 4:00pm

A Closer Look at Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Might & Magic Figures

Ubisoft's "limited-edition premium" UbiCollectibles are still only available to European customers, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't have a close look at the Ezio and Michael figurines. » 7/05/11 12:00pm 7/05/11 12:00pm

Might And Magic Heroes VI Might Be Magic

The line between role-playing game and strategy game blur even further with Might and Magic Heroes VI, bringing the ageless conflict closer to "the Blizzard standard." » 8/19/10 11:40am 8/19/10 11:40am