Snow Dicks and Cute Characters: Winter Hijinks Cover Tokyo.

Yesterday a snow storm blew through Tokyo, blanketing the metropolis in white. For Tokyo, this was the first snowfall of 2013, and residents did not let the opportunity for some winter fun pass them by.

Creative types sculpted nude torsos, sea creatures, and of course numerous manga, anime, and video game characters.… » 1/15/13 4:00am 1/15/13 4:00am

Is This Korean Rabbit a Rip-Off? Guess Not!

Since 1955, Miffy has delighted children. The character has also delighted graphic designers and illustrators who seem to have been influenced by Dick Bruna's work. Take Hello Kitty (and her friends)—they look like Miffy, no?

While his work is popular in Asia, Bruna has continuously voiced his dislike for Hello… » 9/06/12 5:20am 9/06/12 5:20am