Shooters Need To Get Better At Depicting Arabs

Whether it's the news, television or the movies, Arabs have become synonymously linked with the word "terrorist." And thanks to video games, we've become the target—literally. » 2/05/13 3:00pm 2/05/13 3:00pm

A lot of shooters aim for realism using current real world conflicts or inspirations. and its cooperation with actual navy…

The Old Republic Expands into the Middle East and Dozens of Other…

Some 38 additional countries now will have access to Star Wars: The Old Republic, all of them located in the Middle East or parts of Europe. EA today announced plans to extend the distribution in that hemisphere. Subscription prices will vary by country, EA said. [GamesIndustry International] » 4/26/12 10:30pm 4/26/12 10:30pm

Saudi Arabia's Gaming Expo is Also a Giant Sausage Party

When Saudi Arabia gets into games news here, it's usually for banning a game (which its citizens can readily obtain by other means), although it does have developers, who recently published an Uncharted clone. This weekend saw the nation's first gaming exposition, too, although a visit to its main page advises… » 11/27/11 1:00pm 11/27/11 1:00pm

Here's A Look at Iran's First Big Time Video Game

Though the country earlier this year published a sci-fi MMO, Garshasp - a monster hunter of folklore - is billed is Iran's first AAA-quality video game. It's being made for the PC because trade sanctions prohibit selling dev kits there. » 12/02/10 1:00am 12/02/10 1:00am

A Game About Insurgency

The sounds of guns echoed throughout Al-Assad Library Book Exhibition in Damascus, Syria. The guns weren't tangible, but virtual. The conflict, however, was from real life. » 10/04/10 1:40pm 10/04/10 1:40pm

Heavy Rain Banned In The United Arab Emirates

Sony has confirmed this morning that Heavy Rain, one of the biggest exclusives of the year for the PlayStation 3, has been banned in the United Arab Emirates. » 2/22/10 8:00am 2/22/10 8:00am

Unsurprisingly, Dante's Inferno Not Available in Middle East

Electronic Arts has elected not to offer Dante's Inferno for sale in the Middle East, for reasons that should probably be obvious. That makes three of the first four big action games for 2010 officially unavailable in that region. » 2/07/10 12:00pm 2/07/10 12:00pm

Game Power 7 Bringing MMOs To The Middle East

Perhaps some of the strife in the Middle East can be attributed to the fact that they don't have any massively-multiplayer online role-playing games localized in Arabic and Farsi. New publisher Game Power 7 is looking to rectify that unfortunate oversight. They've just launched themselves as the first online game… » 7/31/08 10:20am 7/31/08 10:20am

WALL-E Gets Arabic Localization, A Middle East First [Updated]

If Arab gamers want to play Western games, they'd have to play them in something other than their native Arabic. That's unfortunate! Well, that's going to change - THQ is localizing multiplatform based-on-the-movie WALL-E game for the Middle East. This is a first! According to THQ export sales manager Luke Keighran: » 7/07/08 9:00am 7/07/08 9:00am