Well, looks like I won't be grocery-shopping with a bra on my head anytime soon: Michael Vick's superhuman 2004 self was indeed named the quarterback of Madden's "All-25" team, as I guaranteed in yesterday's column. Vick is rated 90. » 8/05/13 1:19pm 8/05/13 1:19pm

Ten Years Later, Michael Vick Would Have a Harder Time Breaking Madden

Michael Vick may, for the rest of his life, remain a contemptible stereotype to much of the public: A brutal or stupid man. A laughingstock. A guy who did federal time. Still, there is one aspect of his football career that cleanly escapes the wreckage of his personal scandal, that lives on almost as a separate… » 8/04/13 5:30pm 8/04/13 5:30pm

Producer of Michael Vick's Video Game Won't Give Out His Real Name

In one of the more unusual interviews I've seen for a new, licensed sports game, the producer of Mike Vick: GameTime, on iOS, asked that his real name not be used. Might being associated with Vick, the NFL quarterback who did federal time for running a dogfighting operation, have something to do with that? » 4/30/13 3:30pm 4/30/13 3:30pm

How an Imperfect Player Became the Perfect Madden Cover Pick

He's the first Madden cover star from a losing team. The first with no Pro Bowl appearances at the time of his selection. He led NFL running backs in one statistical category last year - fumbles. » 4/28/11 10:00pm 4/28/11 10:00pm

The Android Dogfighting Sim That Even Michael Vick Disagrees With

A recently released video game for Google's Android platform has drawn the ire of the Humane Society for its violent content that includes the ability to train, electrocute and fight virtual dogs. Kage Games' Dog Wars (not pictured) has even been frowned upon by former dogfighting enthusiast Michael Vick. » 4/25/11 7:30pm 4/25/11 7:30pm

EA Sports Boss Says Michael Vick "Has Served His Time"

Michael Vick, who returned to the NFL in 2009 after a two-year prison sentence for running a dogfighting ring, was the second-biggest winner (by percentage) in the first round of EA Sports' fan-voted playoff for the Madden NFL 12 cover. To no one's surprise, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has demanded… » 3/31/11 6:00pm 3/31/11 6:00pm

Do You Want a Dog Killer on Your Copy of Madden 2012?

Much has been written about Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. About the 70 dogs seized, the cruelty they were subjected to and the two year sentence that came when the NFL football player admitted that he pitted dogs against dogs. And killed—with his own hands—the losing animals. » 3/22/11 10:30am 3/22/11 10:30am

Admitted Dogfighter Michael Vick a Candidate for Madden NFL 12 Cover

EA Sports will put the cover of Madden NFL 12 up to a vote of fans for a second year, this time staging a 32-player, March Madness-style playoff from today through April 27. Michael Vick, the notorious Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who served nearly two years in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring, is a… » 3/21/11 9:00am 3/21/11 9:00am

Vick's Madden Ratings: Worse, but Still Dangerous

As we reported Friday, EA Sports will add Michael Vick to its Madden NFL 10 roster on Aug. 19, pending league approval. ESPN got a hold of Vick's game attributes, and as expected, he's off his Madden 08 form. » 8/16/09 12:00pm 8/16/09 12:00pm