Innovative MMO Twin Skies Not Quite As Innovative Anymore

Neopets creators Adam Powell and Donna Williams have decided to strip the 3D portion of their MMO Twin Skies in order to focus on creating just another free-to-play online flash game. » 1/02/09 11:20am 1/02/09 11:20am

Neopets Founders Announce Innovative MMO Twin Skies

Meteor Games, founded by Neopets creators Adam Powell and Donna Williams, have just announced Twin Skies, a massively-multiplayer online game that changes the way players interact in an MMOG. While the main game will be a fully-developed 3D PC title, players will be able to interact with the game world via mobileā€¦ » 8/05/08 4:00pm 8/05/08 4:00pm