Apple, This Sexy Comic...Are You Banning It, Or Selling It?

Sex Criminals is a great new comic-book series from writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky, published by Image Comics, about two people who discover that their orgasms gives them the power to stop time. The second issue came out recently and had been available in digital form via the popular Comixology app. But… »11/06/13 7:29pm11/06/13 7:29pm

Comic-Book Writer Gives Amazing Heartfelt Reply to Suicidal Fan

Matt Fraction is one of the most respected writers working in mainstream comics today. He’s written great runs on Iron Man, Thor and, yeah, The Defenders. But, as good as The Five Nightmares arc in Iron Man is or, say, his Casanova stuff is, Fraction’s lifetime-best writing is a poignant response to a question from a… »10/16/13 5:00pm10/16/13 5:00pm

Magic Sex, Underwater Vomit and Heart-Punching: Why Defenders #1-4 Works

Every so often, Panel Discussion will take a look at a graphic novel or a run of comics that executes particularly well. This is Why It Works. »3/27/12 3:30pm3/27/12 3:30pm I'd lost a little bit of faith in Matt Fraction. The Portland-based writer won me over years ago with his brilliant superspy series , which deconstructed and re-assembled…