Caught Flatfooted by Xbox 360, EA Sports Vows It Won't Happen Again

Few sports video games are truly timeless. Even the best—MVP Baseball 2005, NFL 2K5—show their age and shortcomings immediately, and more than their contemporaries in other genres. It's the special burden of sports titles, tasked with reflecting both the state of the art and the state of reality inside a one-year… »6/16/13 7:30pm6/16/13 7:30pm


Playing a Video Game to Remember an Historic Day in Sport—or to Forget It

We're all familiar with the conventional wisdom that at halftime of a championship sporting event, the local water system is strained by fans' long-postponed evacuations of a beer or three. Well, after full time of a major fixture, FIFA's Internet pipe is likewise overflowing with teeth-gritting angst and cathartic… »6/17/12 4:00pm6/17/12 4:00pm