Anti-Censorship Group Scolds Massachusetts Over Arcade Game Removals

Gamers have good reason for feeling beat up as the American conversation on gun violence seems to lurch inevitably toward scary scary video games as a scapegoat. The Entertainment Consumers Association—the voice of the gamers—went to Washington last week and came back convinced that lawmakers have made up their minds… »1/30/13 4:30pm1/30/13 4:30pm

Massachusetts Orders Light Gun Video Games Pulled From State-Operated Rest Stops

Massachusetts' Department of Transportation pulled a Time Crisis cabinet and seven other light-gun video games from rest-stop arcades along the Massachusetts Turnpike, after the parents of a 12-year-old complained they were inappropriate, reports The Boston Globe. The removal was attributed to the Dec. 14 gun massacre… »1/11/13 12:00pm1/11/13 12:00pm