The Estranged Creator of Dark Age of Camelot is Making His Own Damn …

As co-founder and former president/CEO of Mythic Entertainment. Mark Jacobs introduced the online multiplayer world to the concept of realm-vs.-realm combat with 1999's Darkness Falls. That MUD-style game paved the way for Dark Age of Camelot, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that focused on the… » 4/08/13 9:34am 4/08/13 9:34am

Warhammer Online Does Not Heart Gold Farmers

Mark Jacobs, co-founder of Mythic Entertainment, does not like gold farmers. He will not tolerate them in his game, Warhammer Online. Posting on his blog, Jacobs writes:
I hate gold sellers/spammers. No, that's not strong enough, let me try again. I HATE GOLD SELLERS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. Ah, that's better.… » 9/24/08 4:30am 9/24/08 4:30am