Log Horizon’s First Half Goes from Cliché to Captivating

From the creator of last year’s Maoyuan anime among the best last year had to offerLog Horizon is an anime that takes the idea of being trapped in an MMO and uses it to explore the implications of such a setting on the people involved and the world they are forced to inhabit. It’s unfortunate that it took a few… »1/10/14 6:00am1/10/14 6:00am


Maoyu Brings Real World Concepts into a Fantasy World Setting

At first glance, anime Maoyu is hardly what you would call original. There are two worlds, a human world and a demon world, at war in a fantasy setting. And as these stories go, after many adventures, the Hero sets off to have his climatic one-on-one battle with the evil Demon King. But that's where Maoyu bucks the… »3/29/13 6:00am3/29/13 6:00am