Report: The Father Of Video Games, Ralph Baer, Has Passed Away

Some very sad news this evening: Gamasutra reports that Ralph Baer, widely regarded as the father of the video game industry, has passed away at the age of 92. » 12/07/14 4:10pm 12/07/14 4:10pm

The World's First True Shooting Game

While Nintendo was a pioneer of video game light guns, first for its elaborate shooting parlours and then its Zapper for the NES, it didn't create the first home version of the technology. » 6/27/11 12:00am 6/27/11 12:00am

The Father Of Video Games Fled The Nazis, Fought Them Then Took All…

Ralph Baer is widely acknowledged to be the "father of video games", thanks to his work in the 1960's pioneering the device that would become the Magnavox Odyssey, the world's first ever video game console. » 5/03/11 2:00am 5/03/11 2:00am