The Laptops Worth Your Money

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The New Macbook Pro Looks Just Like A Certain 80s Film Star

The inner workings of the new Macbook Pro, unveiled today at Apple's mini event, look familiar. In fact, if this thing had a laser on its shoulder, it could have had a successful film career in the 80s. » 10/23/12 7:00pm 10/23/12 7:00pm

Apple's Game Center Is Coming To Mac

Apple's mobile Game Center application will soon launch on its desktop operating system, allowing you to share scores and games between platforms, the company said today at its WWDC keynote. » 6/11/12 2:56pm 6/11/12 2:56pm

Apple's Next-Gen MacBook Pro Will Make Video Games Look Gorgeous—If You…

Apple revealed its new next-gen MacBook Pro laptops at the WWDC keynote today, showing off Diablo III to demonstrate the machine's powerful new Retina Display. » 6/11/12 1:28pm 6/11/12 1:28pm