Luke Schneider of RadianGames makes great mobile games but they haven’t been available on Android. Until now. Schneider’s bringing his excellent Tetris-alike Slydristo Google Play, with other games like the very good Bombcats and Inferno+ to follow. He’ll be bringing some of the RadianGames catalog to Ouya, too. » 6/07/13 5:45pm 6/07/13 5:45pm

Screw It, I Can't Wait To Tell You How Good Bombcats Is

Luke Schneider of Radiangames has created some of the coolest bite-sized shooters I've played, starting with Xbox Live Indies and then graduating to mobile platforms. Just check out the Radiangames tag here at Kotaku and see how much well-deserved love we've given him. Radiangames latest doesn't hit iOS until tomorrow, … » 5/15/13 11:30am 5/15/13 11:30am