Log Horizon Makes You Really Think About Being Trapped in an MMO

Log Horizon is one of the fall season's best anime. It’s not particularly action-filled, but it takes its sci-fi premise and runs with it—addressing the logical implications of being trapped in an MMO world. The second half of the series steps it up a notch and adds war, international politics, and magic to the mix. »3/25/14 7:00am3/25/14 7:00am

Log Horizon’s First Half Goes from Cliché to Captivating

From the creator of last year’s Maoyuan anime among the best last year had to offerLog Horizon is an anime that takes the idea of being trapped in an MMO and uses it to explore the implications of such a setting on the people involved and the world they are forced to inhabit. It’s unfortunate that it took a few… »1/10/14 6:00am1/10/14 6:00am