Break in Your iPhone 5 With Lili, Most Delightful Game on iTunes

We've seen how Epic's Unreal Engine 3 can be used to create dark, gritty and realistic games like The Dark Meadow, Horn and Infinity Blade. Bit Monster's Lili takes the powerful mobile game developing toolset in an entirely new direction, resulting in a whimsically magical experience that easily earns a spot among our » 9/21/12 11:30am 9/21/12 11:30am

The Next Unreal Engine 3 iOS Game is a Completely Different Kind of…

With games like Infinity Blade and Dark Meadow, developers have proven that Unreal Engine 3 can do dark and gothic. The colorful adventure role-playing game Lili, crafted by the former Epic developers at BitMonster Games, utilizes the engine's power to create something much more fanciful. » 7/18/12 9:30am 7/18/12 9:30am