A Whole New Way To Play Video Games: Standing Up

It's not every day you discover a whole new way to play video games. Yet over the past month, I've done just that—I've found a way to play games that makes me feel better, more alert, healthier, and more involved. How have I accomplished this? I've started playing video games while standing up. » 8/07/12 2:00pm 8/07/12 2:00pm

In the Great Indoors, I Like to 'Bag It Up

It arrived a week ago. I put it on and zipped up and saw myself in the full-length mirror, looking like the bastard offspring of Barney and Gumby, or scientist victim No. 4 from John Carpenter's The Thing. Mummified in polyester, I marshaled my intestinal fortitude to confront the very first thought I had when I saw… » 10/21/11 8:00pm 10/21/11 8:00pm

How Making Fitness Into a Role-Playing Game Makes Us All Look and Feel…

About four months ago I profiled Fitocracy, the social networking/fitness site that seeks to motivate gamers to hit the gym by incorporating role-playing game aspects into their workout plan. Today, Fitocracy and its founding duo received a huge profile courtesy of CNN, and it's making all gamers look better as a… » 10/14/11 11:00pm 10/14/11 11:00pm

The Whole World Looks Silly Playing Kinect

There's nothing in the world quite like lifestyle photography, the practice of making models look like they're having fun with a product when they are in fact not having fun. » 7/07/10 2:30am 7/07/10 2:30am

Dolphins Answer The Call of Duty In Marine Warfare

Gamers who fight in the virtual wars of Call of Dutys and Battlefields have piloted multi-million dollar aircraft and tanks, but is there a new opportunity to put them in control of real-world warriors like Viper or Iceman, military-trained dolphins? » 5/18/10 9:00pm 5/18/10 9:00pm

A Look At The (Possible) New York City Of The Future

New York City is one of the most played locations in games, serving as the inspirational backdrop for games like Grand Theft Auto, Prototype, Crysis 2 and many, many, (perhaps too many) more. Will future visions of the Big Apple be... fun? » 5/11/10 10:00pm 5/11/10 10:00pm