A boy letting go of his kite is a metaphor for life

Sometimes you should fight for what you love and keep on trying to make things work and never stop chasing it down but once that’s over and you’ve reached your limit or realized the expiration date already hit, you should let it go. Life works better that way. And in this short animation, a boy realizes that with his… »7/23/15 4:43pm7/23/15 4:43pm


I Sold My Video Games To Pay For My Wedding, And Said Goodbye To Part Of Myself

Stacks of games sit around my living room, as I organize photographs from my phone. I log onto Ebay and check prices. I list a few games. I sell one almost immediately. That one doesn't surprise me. Tales of Symphonia. It's one of the rarer in my collection, and I had expected to make quite a bit, quite quickly. Ebay… »3/05/13 2:00pm3/05/13 2:00pm

She'd Never Played Video Games, But Wound Up Judging A Game Contest

Most video game-players have someone in their life—an uncle, a parent, a cousin, a co-worker—who just doesn't play video games. Time and again, we try to poke and prod at those people, to better understand where they're coming from and more importantly, how they view our favorite pastime/livelihood/obsession/etc. »10/16/12 8:00pm10/16/12 8:00pm

Sometimes You Just Have To Lie To Your Kid

Before I tell you the story of how I tricked and deceived my son, an innocent 7-year-old who trusts me with his life, his happiness and his dignity, let me first explain how much I hate Plants vs. Zombies. I cringe just typing the name. A clip of the music or a piece of the art is enough to make my gut shrink. I don't… »7/03/12 7:00pm7/03/12 7:00pm

Which Video Game Controller Is Best? No, Seriously. Which?

For this week's Burning Questions, Jason and Kirk talk about video game controllers. Which controller is better, Xbox or PlayStation? What do touch-screens like the Wii U and the Vita hold for the future? Is the Kinect good for anything except pausing Netflix videos (and is it even that good at that)? What is the… »5/16/12 8:00pm5/16/12 8:00pm

Is It Possible To Play Games Without Being a Total Shut-In?

For this week's Burning Questions, Jason and Kirk look at how gaming impacts their everyday life. Why is it so hard to maintain a social life and play games? Is there something about some games that is simply incompatible with being social? What games do we like to share with people, and what games do we play alone?… »5/08/12 8:00pm5/08/12 8:00pm