TMI, Miitomo Friends

My Mii’s popularity in Nintendo’s mobile app, Miitomo, has been capped at level 20 weeks now. With my waning interest, I find myself visiting my mii less often. It’s okay though because I had some great fun with friends and acquaintances on there. I’ll cherish their silliness forever, especially their TMI moments.

Sometimes You Just Have To Lie To Your Kid

Before I tell you the story of how I tricked and deceived my son, an innocent 7-year-old who trusts me with his life, his happiness and his dignity, let me first explain how much I hate Plants vs. Zombies. I cringe just typing the name. A clip of the music or a piece of the art is enough to make my gut shrink. I don't…


On Death and Gaming

One of my earliest memories of videogames is also one of the last clear memories I have of my aunt, my father's sister, Donna. It was cold out, but not quite the holidays. We were sitting on the shag carpet in my grandparents' house, where she lived, playing Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle. The ColecoVision was…