The most insane airplane low pass yet

If you were standing up straight, your head would be clipped off from this low pass from a fighter jet. That’s how close this Libyan MiG-23 is flying to the ground. The flyby is terrifyingly low and ridiculously fast and it is completely wild, especially considering how Libya only has a smattering of these jets and is… » 7/10/15 4:27pm 7/10/15 4:27pm

Here Is EVE's In-World Memorial to Its Statesman, 'Vile Rat'

As has been written before, Sean Smith of the U.S. State Department also was a deeply committed presence inside the world of EVE Online, as well as outside it, serving on the unique Council of Stellar Management, a governing body selected by its peers and convened in the real world. Smith was killed Tuesday in an… » 9/14/12 9:00pm 9/14/12 9:00pm