Booth Showcase: SNK Is The King Of Fighters, Boobs

We close out our TGS booth tours with SNK’s. Thanks for stickin' around. It was both larger and more impressive than last year’s mild effort, thanks in most part to the presence of an row of eight playable King of Fighters XII arcade cabinets. Oh, and two 60” LCD’s showcasing that action, helping make it easily the… » 10/14/08 9:00pm 10/14/08 9:00pm

Booth Showcase: Konami's Solid Sense Of Longing

Oh, Konami. What a difference a year makes. Last year, they were the star of the show, Metal Gear Solid 4 winning over both critics and public alike. This year? They…well, let’s just say they probably wish they could re-release Metal Gear Solid 4 all over again, as without it, their lack of depth in other areas really… » 10/14/08 4:00pm 10/14/08 4:00pm

Booth Showcase: Sony's Great White Hype

There were lots of booths at this year's Tokyo Game Show, but only a few of them were worth spending any great amount of time around. One of those was Sony's, which seemed a little smaller than last years - most likely because, as with most other publishers, there aren't as many AAA games around compared to last year… » 10/13/08 9:30am 10/13/08 9:30am

The Official Street Fighter IV Pins of TGS

After playing a round of Street Fighter IV in the Capcom booth at TGS08 the booth companions hand you a little packet of Street Fighter IV pins. I tried figuring out what the full set consisted of, but the time spent at the booth rooting through their freebie basket only netted me more eye time with the same two sets… » 10/11/08 8:30am 10/11/08 8:30am