Mass Effect 3 Writers Didn’t Want Same-Sex Romance to Be “a Straight…

Mass Effect 3 became the game in the sci-fi series where BioWare finally opened up the relationship possibilities for players wanting to romance a character of the same gender, with characters Esteban Cortez and Samantha Traynor only available for wooing if you played as a male or female Commander Shepard. » 5/07/12 7:30pm 5/07/12 7:30pm

Valet Hustle: The Game That's About Being Gay, But It's Not

"Valet Hustle," a game currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch, is novel in that its playable characters have a gay-positive backstory that is completely independent of the gameplay's purpose. In other words, it's about gay people doing ordinary things. » 2/25/10 10:30pm 2/25/10 10:30pm