One Hell of an Arcade Beat-Em Up is Coming to Facebook, and Here's Why You Should Play It

Console quality games are a hard sell on Facebook. Each day millions of people log into Facebook to tend their virtual farms or play colorful candy puzzle games, while the hardcore shooters or robot-powered action role-playing games attract daily users in the low ten-thousands. What's it going to take to get… » 1/25/13 4:55pm 1/25/13 4:55pm

There's Not That Much Difference Between Guild Wars 2 Players And Lemmings

So, Guild Wars 2 has a lot of cliffs and high ledges in it. Really, a lot of them. Jumping up and climbing and platforming are a significant part of the experience. Unfortunately for players like me, unlike other games it has no safe fall skill you can train up. Falling equals falling damage and, often, falling death. » 9/11/12 8:30pm 9/11/12 8:30pm