Wesley Snipes Tries His Hand at an iOS Game With Julius Styles: The…

Today's the day Wesley Snipes can finally add "Game Developer" to the list of roles he can list on his business card, right between "Vampire Slayer" and "Tax Evader". » 8/11/11 6:20pm 8/11/11 6:20pm

Lose Hope for Wesley Snipes' iPhone Game in Two Lines of Dialog

"I live in the shadows. Shadows are dark places." I've only seen one minute of footage from Wesley Snipes' Julius Styles: The International, and already I've learned an important lesson about darkness. Thanks, Blade. » 7/28/11 5:30pm 7/28/11 5:30pm

Wesley Snipes' iPhone Game Getting Released Much Earlier Than Wesley…

Veteran action hero Wesley Snipes isn't getting out of prison until July 2013. I guess he's just not as slick as his alter-ego, economic hitman Julius Styles, who's getting released into the custody of the iTunes App Store next month. » 7/22/11 12:40pm 7/22/11 12:40pm

Wesley Snipes Lives Vicariously Through A Video Game

Wesley Snipes may be in prison, but that doesn't mean he can't let his inner action hero shine. The tax evading actor is working with Lapland Studios on Julius Styles: The International, a game for the ass-kicking thinking man. » 1/10/11 5:20pm 1/10/11 5:20pm