Threats Against Manga Artist Lead To Empty Tables At Comiket 83

Kuroko's Basketball »1/03/13 7:00am1/03/13 7:00am has been having it rough. The popular basket manga, or rather its creator, has been , which has led to the cancellation of all -related events, including a stage event at Jump Festa. More recently, Japan's biggest independent doujinshi event, Comic Market (better known as Comiket), announced that …

You Cannot Stop This Manga Artist with Threats of Death and Destruction

For months now, Japanese manga artist Tadatoshi Fujimaki has been dealing with repeated threats. There is a vendetta against him, which has produced numerous threatening letters containing suspicious chemicals.

As previously detailed, the threats are apparently from one angry individual who seems intent on stopping… »11/30/12 6:00am11/30/12 6:00am