Why I Play

In the first years of my career as a games writer, I got used to a certain reaction from my parents’ friends when they were told about what I was doing for a living. It was usually along the lines of “what a waste”. I imagined them shaking their heads as if they’d just been quietly informed that I was shooting heroin.…


Doom: The Kotaku Review

The new Doom, really, is rather like the old Doom. You fight swarms of hulking demons. You never stop moving for fear of being swamped in laser fire, missiles, and pile-driving hell knights. Your screen is permanently suffused with explosions, blood, and chunks of bodies. You, the Doom Marine, are what stands between…

An Audience with EVE Online's Space Pope

Two weeks ago, at EVE Fanfest, a convention for players of space MMO EVE Online, I began hearing odd snatches of conversation: “Dude, the pope’s in our hotel”, “Did you kiss the ring?”. This is at the same time as the real pope is out in Greece meeting with refugees, so, clearly, we’re talking about a different pope.