Gender-Bending: 8 Impressive Girls-As-Guys Cosplays

Seasoned cosplayers, don't slaughter me-I'm very new to cosplaying with only a few ensembles good enough to post on the Internet. …Actually, who am I kidding. If these guys can post their costumes on the Internet, I should be fine. » 7/23/12 8:00pm 7/23/12 8:00pm

Your Geek Chic Update: Jewelry Edition

I can't, for the life of me, wear normal jewelry. Everything hanging, dangling, or strapped on me must have character. For example, I have an expensive Coach purse in my closet somewhere that I won't use until the $10 purse with the Pac-Man pins I'm currently using falls apart. I've even worn my Gears of War earrings… » 7/09/12 8:30pm 7/09/12 8:30pm

Kicking Off Kotaku Presents: Lisa Foiles

» 7/02/12 8:00pm 7/02/12 8:00pm

Hey guys! Lisa Foiles here, kicking off my month-long season of content on Kotaku with a comedy sketch starring SMBC Theater's Jon Brence. In this true-to-life documentary, you'll witness many of my ideas getting hastily shot down by Jon before he realizes they're actually brilliant. Reminds me of the time I crept… » 7/02/12 8:00pm 7/02/12 8:00pm