Latin and Vincent Gallo: The Panzer Dragoon/Phantom Dust Mixtape

We all have cynical days: days when every single game looks bland and you resist the urge to push yourself away from your desk in disgust and shout "If I don't see something something cool in the next ten minutes, I'm done with gaming!".

And just as you're about to call the whole hobby off, someone reminds you… »7/12/12 8:20pm7/12/12 8:20pm


From Kingdom Hearts to Super Mario RPG: The Yoko Shimomura Mixtape

One of the best parts about doing a weekly mixtape is hearing suggestions from readers on which composer to cover next (PS: keep 'em coming). Out of all the suggestions, nobody has been more requested than Yoko Shimomura. So this week on the Kotaku Mix Tape, we celebrate one of gaming's most moving composers.

»7/05/12 8:20pm7/05/12 8:20pm

From Chrono Trigger to Xenogears: The Yasunori Mitsuda Mixtape

Are you like me? Do you get a little misty eyed when you hear Schala's theme? A swell of nostalgia when the violin from Chrono Cross »6/28/12 8:00pm6/28/12 8:00pm swells? Well boy howdy, this is the mixtape for you! Yasunori Mitsuda's music set the tone for so much of gaming in my youth: . His music is so good that I'll still go back and…