Bring The Payne Cheaply, Pre-Order Ghosts And Battlefield 4 [Deals]

Amazon has a selection of excellent PC digital game deals this week, headlines by everything Max Payne for only 15 bucks. If you don't already have The Walking Dead's 400 Days DLC, it's a measly dollar today, and as an added bonus, several of these deals are also Mac compatible. » 10/24/13 1:15pm 10/24/13 1:15pm

The Best Gaming Keyboard

Almost 20,000 votes later, the Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard took down the victory with 57% of the vote. The BlackWidow comes in a variety of models, all of which can be found at the same link, and starts at 70 bucks. There's even a Mac version, a welcome addition for those who prefer Apple hardware. » 10/23/13 6:18pm 10/23/13 6:18pm

Your 6 Nominations For Best Gaming Keyboard

500 comments and more than 50 different keyboard nominations later, we have our contenders. In a surprising twist, there was a tie for 5th place, so we actually have six nominees rather than the usual five going into the voting round. » 10/18/13 7:15pm 10/18/13 7:15pm