I Just Assembled a $2 Million Mecha. It's Glorious.

Earlier this year, Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry started making nerd dreams real: it introduced a huge 13-foot mecha it planned to manufacture and sell.

Dubbed Kuratas, people can pilot the mecha, which moves about. There are also options like a water bottle launcher and a gatling gun which fires 6,000 BB pellets… » 10/22/12 7:00am 10/22/12 7:00am

The Man Who Makes Badass Robots

Kogoro Kurata is an artist. But he's not your typical artist. He's an ironsmith, and he doesn't build bed frames or chandeliers. Kogoro Kurata builds enormous robots. In a shed. » 9/08/11 2:00am 9/08/11 2:00am