Kixeye Thinks Zynga is After Its Trade Secrets, Files Cross-Complaint…

Look at that face. It's the face of Kixeye chairman and CEO Will Harbin. That is a face that means business. Now imagine it saying "Claiming that (Zynga's) failed business practices could inform ours further establishes their complete lack of understanding of the gaming business." And then he orders their execution. » 11/14/12 10:55pm 11/14/12 10:55pm

Zuckerberg Isn't Pleased With the State of Facebook Gaming, But It's…

With Facebook's major gaming revenue source faltering and social gaming in general struggling to find new ways to engage and earn without annoying, it's no wonder Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg isn't happy with the state of gaming on his massive social network. » 10/24/12 12:55pm 10/24/12 12:55pm

Zynga Sues Former CityVille Director For Stealing Trade Secrets When He…

Zynga filed a lawsuit Friday against Alan Patmore, former general manager of CityVille, alleging that Patmore stole trade secrets and confidential information when he left the company. » 10/15/12 6:00pm 10/15/12 6:00pm

Four Fired Over Game Studio Racism Allegations

Four of the staffers at the centre of some serious racism allegations at San Francisco developer KIXEYE have been fired, studio boss Will Harbin has announced. » 10/04/12 2:40am 10/04/12 2:40am

Now This Is How To Get People To Work For Your Video Game Company

This video has been making the rounds today. It's pretty hilarious. Worth at least 3 minutes and 19 seconds of your time. Even if you don't want to work for Kixeye. » 7/31/12 6:30pm 7/31/12 6:30pm

Is This Gaming's Own Gordon Gekko?

When a flash engineer at game developer Kixeye posted an image of Occupy Wall Street on his Facebook wall, Kixeye CEO Will Harbin apparently went into a greed is good speech for all the internet to see. » 11/15/11 8:00am 11/15/11 8:00am