Remembering a Miracle in the Early Days of Sports Video Games

The score was 4 to 3, two outs in the ninth, when I woke up on the couch. No one was on base. "I don't need to see this," I said. "Nah, stick around," Dad said. I had two games that day, the World Series on TV, and Hardball! on my Commodore 64. If the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't win one, I'd make them win the other. » 10/15/13 8:00pm 10/15/13 8:00pm

Kirk Gibson's Home Run, Recreated In R.B.I. Baseball

Sports gamers remember the epic R.B.I. Baseball re-creation of the sixth game of the 1986 World Series. Someone's gotten around to re-enacting an even greater World Series moment from that decade: Kirk Gibson's home run to beat Oakland in 1988. » 8/27/10 6:20pm 8/27/10 6:20pm