The Best Tower Defense Game On iOS Gets New Content Tomorrow

Kingdom Rush is basically my favorite game on iOS, so it made my week to hear news that Frontiers (the "sequel" that is essentially just more Kingdom Rush) is getting more levels and heroes tomorrow. Trailer above. You can check out Kingdom Rush: Frontiers on iOS for $2.99. I strongly recommend it. » 7/31/13 12:00pm 7/31/13 12:00pm

The Best Tower Defense Game On iOS Gets A Worthy—If Similar—Sequel

I spent a large chunk of 2012 playing Kingdom Rush, the unfairly addictive tower defense game that tasks you with upgrading towers, maneuvering troops, and throwing down last-minute fireballs in an attempt to thwart invading monsters. I mastered it, maxing out every level on the hardest difficulty. (I am allowed to… » 6/06/13 5:30pm 6/06/13 5:30pm