According to its Director, Kingdom Hearts 3 Was Revealed a Little Early

Kingdom Hearts fans were overjoyed to the teaser announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 on Monday. Tired of the wait? Ready to party? Well, don't too hyped up – the wait isn't over just yet. » 6/13/13 7:30am 6/13/13 7:30am

The Most Atmospheric and Relaxing Aquatic Locations In Video Games

Water levels can be pain in the ass, especially when unnecessarily complex gameplay mechanics meet blurry, monotonous graphics. But that's not always the case. Truth is, there are water levels (or places where water plays a key role) that look really refreshing, relaxing, and that might even possess a special, eerie… » 3/04/13 5:00pm 3/04/13 5:00pm

What The Hell Is Kingdom Hearts? A Beginner's Guide To Square Enix's RPG …

There's a new Kingdom Hearts game out tomorrow. It's called Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and it's the seventh game in a series that now has 250% more spinoffs than main installments. » 7/30/12 12:00pm 7/30/12 12:00pm