Hey Kids! Now You Can Buy Skylanders Toys Directly from the Mobile Game

The Skylanders Cloud Patrol game is coming soon to the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD with exciting new functionality that will forever change the nonchalant manner we hand our tablet devices off to our bored children. Exclusive to the Kindle Fire version: in-app physical toy purchases. » 9/07/12 9:30am 9/07/12 9:30am

People Who Just Got That New Amazon Kindle Fire

If the person you are buying a gift for already has a Kindle Fire, they really don't need a gift from you. They've got the hot new thing this Christmas. Or maybe the richer person in your family has vowed to get them the Fire, so you're just going to be the person getting them the inferior gift. What to do... » 11/30/11 5:40pm 11/30/11 5:40pm

Burn and Turn Combines Retro Arcade Stylings with Tower Defense For…

When you think back to old-school arcade games, the hazy mist of nostalgia and the technical limitations of the day tend to obscure the fact that you were laying waste to hordes of enemies. There's a lot of retro homage in Burn and Turn and you are clearly doling out fiery death to fools but the hybrid release has a… » 11/23/11 9:30am 11/23/11 9:30am

The Kindle Fire Just Might be a Kick-Ass Gaming Machine

Amazon's new $200 Kindle, the Kindle Fire, isn't just a book-reader that happens to run Scrabble and Sudoku. It runs lots of Android-compatible games: the usual suspects like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, but also... the $7, high-end sci-fi horror game Dead Space. » 11/22/11 5:00pm 11/22/11 5:00pm