Katie Couric Offers 'Mea Culpa' For One-Sided Violent Video Game Show

At the beginning of the month, Katie Couric got some heat from gamers over her one-sided, fear-mongering episode about violent game addiction. On Friday, Couric gave voice to those dissenters and issued a 'Mea Culpa' follow-up on her show. » 5/20/13 7:30pm 5/20/13 7:30pm

Katie Couric Gets Schooled On the Benefits of Violent Video Games

Yesterday we ran a piece exposing the scare tactics media like to use when discussing video games and violence. Flashy edits, buzzwords, complete ignorance, that sort of thing. Today Katie Couric, the host of the particular segment we analyzed, reached out to her Twitter followers to ask for the "positive side" of… » 5/03/13 11:00am 5/03/13 11:00am