This Trailer for the New Karateka Makes A Hilarious Reference to the Classic Apple II Version

Gamers of a certain age remember the dramatic opening to Jordan Mechner's classic fighting adventure. But what happened before our hero stormed Akuma's castle? How'd he learn how to fight? The video—which hypes up today's release of a Karateka re-make— above answers some of those questions in really funny fashion.… »11/07/12 5:00pm11/07/12 5:00pm

Prince of Persia Creator Working On New Karateka Game

While the majority of Jordan Mechner's talk at Comic-Con earlier today focused on all things Prince of Persia »7/26/08 3:20pm7/26/08 3:20pm, some fans veered slightly off-topic, picking the programmer's brain on his other titles — and . The former, Mechner's first commercial game, an early 2D fighter published by Brøderbund and known for its…