Anime's Latest Catchphrase Leads To Superior Trolling

This is not an endorsement or recommendation for trolling. If anything, it's simply an explainer to let you know what's going on. Because trolling is bad poi. » 3/26/15 5:30am Thursday 5:30am

Listen to Japanese Voice Actors Talk to Themselves

The complaint often arises with anime that the voices all sound the same. So how does it sound when you have one voice actress having a conversation with themselves? » 2/27/15 4:00am 2/27/15 4:00am

Man Reduced to Tears After Beating Browser Game

One of Japan's most popular browser games, Kantai Collection held its Fall seasonal event over the past few weeks. Apparently it was quite emotional. » 12/05/14 6:30am 12/05/14 6:30am

Eagerly Anticipated Anime Spawns Amusing Water Meme

Kantai Collection, which Kotaku first covered in June 2013, is getting an anime series next year. And the trailer for it has already spawned an amusing meme. Let's have a look. » 8/06/14 7:00am 8/06/14 7:00am

So, I Married an Anime Battleship Girl

Japan's Biggest Gaming Phenomenon of 2013

Without a doubt, the biggest gaming phenomenon of Japan this year involved the game which had anime girls as battleships. It's too bad that most people outside of Japan can't play it. » 12/31/13 4:00am 12/31/13 4:00am

In Case Any of You Were Wondering Just Who This Character Is...

If any of you caught the Japanese Sony press conference on Monday, there was a moment when they were showing a medley of upcoming PS Vita games where the screen went black and some random archer-ish character popped up for a moment. » 9/12/13 7:00am 9/12/13 7:00am

Popular Online Game Features Battleships as Anime Girls

Honestly, it was the last game I thought I'd find myself hooked on, but Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん) or, as it's better known online, Kan Colle (艦これ), has me seeing warships as cute anime girls... I think I need to explain myself. » 7/18/13 6:00am 7/18/13 6:00am