Watch The Stellar 2013 Sequel To 2010's Most Provocative Talk About Video Games

In 2010, professor and game designer Jesse Schell gave an amazing talk at the DICE gaming summit that went viral. His topic: the gamification—the adding of points and play systems—to everything imaginable. He imagined a crazy future where we got points for everything from brushing teeth to giving each other high fives. »2/08/13 1:53pm2/08/13 1:53pm

An Ever-Changing Game, Designed and Written By its Players? Sounds Good.

The idea of user-generated content is nothing new, and success at implementing the concept has ranged from the niche (inFamous 2) to the wildly successful (Minecraft). Just this week, game designer/Carnegie Mellon professor/all around interesting and smart guy Jesse Schell launched a kickstarter campaign to support… »12/16/11 6:30pm12/16/11 6:30pm