Jeremy Lin, No Longer a Knick, Wearing His New/Old Uniform Thanks to NBA 2K

Whatever the reason—his ethnicity, his team, his alma mater or the time of the year—Jeremy Lin became an overnight superstar for the New York Knicks back in February. Not bad for a guy rated 56 overall when NBA 2K12 » 7/17/12 6:30pm 7/17/12 6:30pm released. It got him a "ridiculous" contract offer in limited free agency, which the Knicks will not…

The Ultimate Jeremy Lin Highlight Reel Arrives in the Nick of Time

Of all the tributes to the Knicks phenomenon Jeremy Lin, the best one on video might be stitched together from highlights in NBA 2K12 » 2/23/12 6:15pm 2/23/12 6:15pm, where Lin is and, who knows, may see the mid-80s before the end of the month. This video was cut by Operation Sports' Shady 00018. Last night Lin and the Knicks took down the…

China is Linsane. It's Trying To Claim Jeremy Lin.

If you're a basketball fan, or a New Yorker, you've definitely heard about Linsanity. It's the underdog story of a Chinese American Harvard graduate being undrafted and cut from NBA teams before exploding in, well, "Linsanity". And for the past two weeks, it has been the talk of the sports world. No one saw Jeremy Lin… » 2/20/12 6:45am 2/20/12 6:45am

Jeremy Lin Gets Another Ratings Boost in Time for the Weekend

News and notes from around the world of sports video gaming: » 2/17/12 6:15pm 2/17/12 6:15pm • 2K Sports rolled a second roster update early this morning to give New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin another nudge in his overall ratings. Lin, who has come from the end of the bench to lead New York to seven straight victories, has jumped from a 56…

The Video Game Version of Jeremy Lin Is Unrealistically Bad at Basketball

A re-rated update to the NBA 2K12 roster failed to appease America's feverish Linsanity—the phenomenon surrounding the New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin—and so a second update, giving the point guard even more of a boost, is due by the end of the week.

Lin, who went from the end of the bench to leading a desperate… » 2/15/12 6:01pm 2/15/12 6:01pm