The World's Largest High IQ Society Enters the Brain Game... Game

Since 1946 Mensa has been bringing together the most intelligent people in the world and convincing them to pay annual membership fees for a card that proves how clever they are. Now the world's largest gathering of large IQ scores teams with Square Enix for Mensa Academy, a game aimed at training others to pay annual… » 5/30/12 9:30am 5/30/12 9:30am

Attractive People Are Smarter Than You Too

We can't all be Angeline Jolie or Brad Pitt, but what we lack in looks we make up for in brains, right? Apparently not. Researchers in London have found that attractive people are smarter too, dammit. » 1/17/11 2:30pm 1/17/11 2:30pm