Ask a Photographer About Shooting in a Back-Alley Arcade

Some folks go to San Francisco for the food or the fog. Photographer Ryan Russell went for the gaming. As part of Gizmodo's Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge, Ryan dropped by Frisco's legendary Southtown Arcade, where he used his lens and his ultra-responsive Ultrabook™ to immortalize a remarkably cordial… » 10/16/12 11:59am 10/16/12 11:59am

Inside San Francisco’s Last True Hardcore Arcade

San Francisco has its share of landmarks: The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, wherever Rice-A-Roni came from. But for white-knuckle competitive gamers, the city has just one true destination: Southtown Arcade — a tiny storefront by the Stockton Tunnel that houses Frisco's last outpost for hardcore gamers. So… » 10/10/12 11:59am 10/10/12 11:59am