Cave Johnson Demands That You Get Portal 2’s Level Creator Today

Today's the day when the amount of teleporting happening on computers anywhere will start increasing exponentially. Or in the words of Cave Johnson, "You should be designing test chambers, right now and at all times, or by God I will fire you." The Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC that lets players create and share… »5/08/12 9:00am5/08/12 9:00am


'The Video Games and Human Values Initiative' Unveiled

Jim Reilly forwarded news of the UConn interdisciplinary and interinstitutional initiative called The Video Games and Human Values Initiative »11/15/08 3:30pm11/15/08 3:30pm, and I noted it on the Brainy Gamer blog as well. Spearheaded by the occasionally baffling Roger Travis, professor of classics at the University of Connecticut, it's a pretty…