Music Toys? Music Games? Who Cares, They're Free And You Can Play Them Right Now

The folks at DinahMoe production house have created a couple of whimsical music games that you should definitely mess around with.

The first is Plink, a multiplayer toy where players can hop into rooms and experiment with different sounds. You interact with Plink by clicking and dragging your mouse—very simple… »5/10/12 7:30pm5/10/12 7:30pm

Six Classic and Contemporary HTML 5 Games You Can Play Free Right Now

A lot has changed since the days when web developers relied almost exclusively on Flash for media-rich interactive content. Although the technology is still very much alive and may not see a replacement anytime soon for certain uses, more and more websites are implementing HTML5 »2/22/12 2:40pm2/22/12 2:40pm for streaming audio and video, and we…