The Honest Last of Us Trailer Deserves a High Five

Naughty Dog's melodramatic post-apocalyptic survival game wowed almost everybody when it came out last year. Will the notoriously picky folks behind Honest Game Trailers manage to find fault with The Last of Us? Shh…. Clickers! » 12/10/14 2:53pm 12/10/14 2:53pm

The Honest Dark Souls Trailer Is Not Just About The Difficulty

We all know by now that the Souls games can be hard and painful and luckily Smosh Games' latest Honest Trailer is not just a clip about that. It rather makes fun of neglected topics such as the community, the art direction... and the games' connection to Cat Mario. » 10/15/14 9:20am 10/15/14 9:20am

The Honest Destiny Trailer Celebrates "Gaming's Hottest 7 Out Of 10"

"The storytelling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft and the co-operative fun of Borderlands — may eventually get patched in." Thus begins the brutally Honest Trailer for Destiny, "The video game equivalent of a beautiful mansion full of cheap Ikea furniture." » 10/04/14 3:00pm 10/04/14 3:00pm

Honest Game Trailers' Names For The Original Pokemon Are Much Better

Why is Smosh Games' honest trailer for Pokemon Red & Blue nearly six minutes long? Because those insane bastards decided to rename each and every one of the original 151 (or 152, depending) pocket monsters, from 'The One No One Ever Picked' to 'Space Fetus.' » 7/23/14 5:43pm 7/23/14 5:43pm

The Honest Modern Warfare Trailer, Now With More Underage Racists

I've been waiting for Smosh to do an Honest Game Trailer for Call of Duty's Modern Warfare trilogy, and they do not disappoint. "Suit up for the least realistic war franchise since Contra." » 6/28/14 6:00pm 6/28/14 6:00pm

The Honest Portal Trailer Fails To Confirm Half-Life 3

"Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, an abandoned Apple store from hell." Way to completely transform the way I experience a beloved classic, Honest Game Trailers. » 6/21/14 2:00pm 6/21/14 2:00pm

Honest Game Trailers Vs. Mortal Kombat. Ready, Fight!

While I'd rather watch a documentary that followed the fabled fighting franchise from birth, through its awkward teenage years into adulthood, Smosh's Honest Game Trailer for Mortal Kombat will do in a pinch. » 6/08/14 11:00am 6/08/14 11:00am

Assassin's Creed IV's Honest Game Trailer Strikes True

"After the huge letdown of AC III, prepare to redeem the franchise with the Pirates of the Caribbean game that Disney never made." Smoosh Games' latest Honest Game Trailer takes on the Assassin's Creed pirate spin-off that somehow wound up a numbered entry in the series. » 4/19/14 2:13pm 4/19/14 2:13pm