Ubisoft Prepares To Unleash The Absolute Pinnacle Of Tetris

In June of 1984, Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris, one of the most popular video games of all time. Three decades later, Ubisoft announces Tetris Ultimate — the final game in the series, unless I am applying an irresponsibly erroneous definition to the word "ultimate". » 6/04/14 2:30pm 6/04/14 2:30pm

These Star Wars and Gundam Dioramas Will Melt Your Face

As a kid, I was always impressed with models. I was more impressed with full-blown dioramas—still am. These dioramas, though, aren't merely impressive; they're brain-destroying. » 5/16/11 5:00am 5/16/11 5:00am

Turn Your Body Into A First-Person-Shooter Controller

Novint, the folks behind that most curious Falcon peripheral, are back again with yet more hardware curios. This time, it's the ability to turn your arm into a motion-controlled rumble pack. » 4/21/11 5:00am 4/21/11 5:00am