The Most Hilarious Sports Game Glitches, Now In Motion

The constant progression of annual sport titles has another advantage besides the games getting more and more realistic every year. It creates moments where the players go nuts—suddenly, our ordinary game turns itself into Dragon Ball Z or Super Smash TV. We selected below a few of these from the last few years' FIFA »2/26/13 8:00pm2/26/13 8:00pm

EA Sports Brings Women's Hockey Stars Into the Game—Without a League of Their Own

Last year, when NHL 12 »8/29/12 6:00pm8/29/12 6:00pm allowed you to create a female hockey player in its superstar-fantasy "Be A Pro" mode, the only real difference was the face on the player in the video game. Underneath a helmet and the hulking pads, moving fast on ice skates, it's hard to instantly tell if someone's a man or a woman. And the…