Do Not Trust This Magazine's Review Scores

The biggest Japanese game magazine, Famitsu, has awarded its highest score to stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Deserved or undeserved, in the process of reviewing the game, the publication has shown that, as a source of objective game reviews, it cannot be trusted. Here's why: » 4/21/10 1:00am 4/21/10 1:00am

Famitsu Editor-In-Chief Makes Lofty Dragon Quest IX Sales Estimate

Famitsu Editor-in-Chief Hirokazu Hamamura has looked into his crystal ball and has opinions about how Dragon Quest IX will do in 2009. And it'll do mega, he forecasts. » 1/05/09 3:00am 1/05/09 3:00am

Famitsu Boss Says PS3 Penetration Will Accelerate

Famitsu editor Hirokazu Hamamura isn't just an editor. He's a pundit! And he's got a bag full of opinions with him to share. Hamamura thinks the PS3's "slow penetration" is improving. Nice and slow, that's how Sony does it. According to Hamamura: » 7/23/08 1:00am 7/23/08 1:00am