A Whole Bunch of Crazy Anime Mashed Up for Your Gaming Pleasure

For years Bandai Namco has been releasing mega crossovers of giant robot anime—ranging from Gundam »4/10/12 8:00am4/10/12 8:00am to to —in the series. But having made many other types of anime tie-in games in the past, giant robot anime aren't the only anime Bandai Namco holds the licenses for. So earlier this year they collected a large…

This Anime Crossover is Complicated, Chaotic and Blessedly Original

Heroes Phantasia »4/10/12 7:00am4/10/12 7:00am, the anime crossover RPG, has playable characters from a total of nine different anime. But how lame would it be if you could only choose three or four party members like most JRPGs? Fear not! has a complex battle system that allows you a grand total of 16 characters in battle at the same time.